How to build a strong brand online to attract new customers

written by Aleksandar Debeljak
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In order to distinguish yourself from the competition it is important that you, already from the beginning, think about how you want to build your brand. When shopping for a product, how often do you think of a brand as your first choice to buy. For example, do you usually select Adidas or Nike when buying a pair of running shoes?

The answer is usually that you commonly choose the brand that you are familiar with. We all have personal preferences for different brands. All of these brands have managed to create an identity that many people have an emotional connection with.

Your brand is what your customers say about you when you are not around. It makes it important during your brand development to become knowable, likable and trustable to your customers if you want to build a strong brand.

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How to build a strong brand

When creating your brand strategy, it is important that you know what name your business will have. A few tips for a good company name is that it should first and foremost, be easy to remember.

Also, keep in mind that the name should be unique and different from your competitors. Depending on the industry in which you work, it may be smart to have a name that relates to your business sector.

Last but not least, it is important that you avoid using trendy words. Choosing a trendy word could mean that you may need to change your name after a few years, because the name you selected is no longer relevant for your time.

One of the most important aspects to consider is what your logotype will look like. Your brand should not only have a good name but also have a fresh look. Your logo is extremely important because when people see it, they will associate it to your business. Keep in mind that a simple thing like color can increase brand recognition by 80%.

Being able to build trust with customers is the key to success. Statistics show that 73% of customers who continue to buy products from a brand do so because they are offered good customer service.

Keep in mind to have a content strategy for your brand. Almost half of all brands do not have a content strategy. Customers expect to find web content that they are interested in from your brand.

Your brand development must be personal

Keep in mind that it’s you who are the brand! When you start your own business, it’s important that you know how you want to be perceived by others. During your brand development, it’s important that you convey the right feeling, values, promises, invest in great customer service, etc. How customers will perceive your brand simply starts with you!

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Building up your personal brand takes time – so consider it a long-term investment. In order to create a strong personal brand, it is important that you know your goals and values. Here are some tips that may be useful to those who want to personalize their own brand.

  1. It’s important that you know how you want to be perceived by other people. Also think about what goals and dreams you have. It is a good idea to write a list of goals, both short-term and long-term.
  2. How do other people look at you? In order to answer this question, check with friends and family, how would they describe you? It’s important to know how others perceive you because you want your customers to get the right picture of you.
  3. It may sound cliché but be yourself. Show who you are and your values. You do not want to be perceived as fake!
  4. Social media is a must have in today’s digitalized world. You do not need to be seen everywhere, but select at least one platform that your customers are active on.
  5. Be inspired and learn from others on how to be a better professional person in your industry.
  6. If you are reading an interesting question or statement in your field of expertise, consider getting involved or debate about the topic. It’s a smart way to create new contacts and learn new things.

Spread your brand

Once you have defined your brand, it’s important that you use effective distribution channels in reaching out and having customers recognize you. If you have a logo, it’s important to show it and place it everywhere.

Your brand must be integrated into the company. From when you talk to customers over the phone to the clothes you wear, your business cards and in your email signature. Make it visible everywhere in the company.

Create a good slogan that is meaningful and memorable, keep it brief. It will capture the central part of the company.

It is essential that you are faithful to your brand. If you are not, you will lose customers and it will also get harder to gain new ones. You must live by the promises and values that your brand stands for!

Last but not least, you must be consistent! If you are not, you will not be successful with building up your brand.


Building a brand takes time and is vital to your company’s longevity. In order to stand out from the competition, it is important that you are personal and stick to your word. Keep in mind that everything from the design of your logo to how your website looks, are important aspects of how the customer will perceive your brand.

Through content marketing, it places your our brand as the foundation of your company. Whether it is your logo, your values, the communications you send out, or the customer service you provide – they all play a big part in building your brand and giving customers a reason to buy from you. Once you are able to build trust and credibility with your customers – increased sales and a stronger customer bond will be on the horizon.

What does your company do to build a strong brand? Make sure to share any additional tips on how you work with your own brand.

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