Content marketing agency: Investing in the right one to drive sales

written by Aleksandar Debeljak
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When you hear the term content marketing, you may think that it’s just about creating content and posting it on your website. But that’s far from the truth, if you haven’t worked with a good content marketing agency then you may not know what it takes to capture your targeted audience’s attention.

Today, approximately 16% of all brands work together with a content marketing agency to drive qualified leads and sales.

Many companies have neither the time nor the knowledge to create content to adapt to the new way of selling. Therefore, it is important to choose a content marketing agency from the start that can help your business to take the right direction and drive increased sales.

What is a content marketing agency?

If you want to make a simple description of what a content marketing agency is, you can say that they create and help distribute content geared towards your specific targeted audience in order to attract, convert and close them as a customer. Depending on the budget and how much help a company needs, the tasks may vary. Some of the services offered by a content marketing agency are:

  • Create a content marketing strategy.
  • Create quality content that is customized for a specific audience.
  • Distribute and promote the content.
  • Work with SEO to make the content rank high within search engines.
  • Utilize social media and influencer marketing to spread the reach of the content.
  • Work with analytics to get statistics about continuous improvements to help the content drive more qualified leads and sales.

Why your business needs a content marketing agency

One of the biggest reasons to work with a content marketing agency is that it saves money. It may come as a surprise, but it is usually more cost effective to work with an agency than hiring staff on a full-time basis. If you choose to work with a content marketing agency, you can also take advantage of their expertise and experience.

Generally, a group may also be able to create better content because it requires more people to be a part of creating the content. Instead of relying on a single expert, agencies offer a greater variety where marketers have different strengths that can help your business.

Most content marketing agencies also have an obligation, depending on the agreement, to perform what they promised. They also help when problems arise and work great as support for when an error occurs. The goal is to keep companies happy.

Benefits of working with a content marketing agency

There are many advantages to working with a content marketing agency. First and foremost, it is an investment that gives your brand ROI. Another advantage is that your business gets a different perspective because marketers have an outside perspective on your business. They will be able to showcase your business in a different way to your potential customers and, in turn, increase business conversions.

A content marketing agency also helps to humanize your brand because they can produce content that your targeted audience would like to consume. What your potential customers care about is how to solve their problems and challenges, so it’s important to create content that adds value to them.

A content marketing agency also helps to humanize your brand because they can produce content that your targeted audience would like to consume.Click To Tweet

One of the biggest advantages is that a content marketing agency is consistent. Many companies trying to create all the content themselves end up getting tired or simply choosing not to spend their time creating or sharing new and relevant content. It doesn’t look good if the latest blog post or article published is one year old. By using an agency, you ensure that a flow of content is constantly being published. This not only means more traffic but also more potential leads for your company. The same goes for social media, it’s important to communicate and stay active with your customers and followers.

A content marketing agency can easily show the return from your marketing efforts as everything is measurable. Your company can easily find out how the content marketing efforts have generated web traffic, leads, customers, and more. This means that a content marketing agency works in an open and transparent way, with the goal of creating results that yield ROI for your business.

What to look for in a content marketing agency

To find the right content marketing agency to invest in, you need to look into their previous work, how they measure and keep track of the results as well as their customer satisfaction. A content marketing agency who can’t seem to hold on to clients due to not being able to meet their goals, might not be an agency you want to work with. Perhaps the most important factor to look out for is what their digital presence looks like. An agency that doesn’t themselves use content marketing is probably not the best choice.

Before you decide to use a content marketing agency, it may be good to reflect on your primary goals. Want more traffic? More conversions? What services does your business need to reach your goals? Because the price may vary, it’s important that you feel you get a value from the investments you made.


It can be difficult to answer all of these questions when you are looking to invest in a content marketing agency. But if you are unsure, please contact a content marketing agency to see how you can best cooperate. The goal of content marketing is to create value and help customers find the right solution to their problems and challenges. These are just examples of what a good content marketing agency will do when a potential client is looking to work with them.

What digital challenges does your business have and have you tried working with content marketing to solve these? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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