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written by Aleksandar Debeljak
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Creating a content marketing agency that delivers results can be a challenge. It is important to show your potential customers why they should choose you because it’s a huge investment to them when it comes to finding a content marketing agency to grow their sales and brand.

Creating content is of course a matter to all content marketing agencies, but it’s not enough to write about just anything, there must be a thought behind the content that is created. Keep in mind that you should be transparent with your customers that it may take time to achieve results if you want to retain them.

Have the right qualities in place

Start by creating a blog

When customers need help, they usually search for something that can solve their problems and challenges. Therefore, it is important to show how your content marketing agency can add value to their company. A great way to show your visitors how you can help them is by having an active blog that addresses topics that your buyer personas are interested in. Make sure to consistently update the website with new content each month, if the blog page is not updated in several months, it gives a negative impression.

Being consistent and having a clear content strategy is essential to succeed

A sound content strategy generates nearly 8 times higher web traffic compared to those companies that do not invest in content marketing, so it’s important to highlight the value the customer gets from their investment.

Also, keep in mind that communication with the customer is essential. Being organized and having a clear structure as well as a shared vision with the customer is a must in order to create long-term cooperation.

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Have a strategic mindset

It’s not enough to create interesting blogs or videos, you also need a smart and data-driven strategy to achieve your results. It is important to understand and be able to ask the right questions regarding the customer’s business goals. When it comes to delivering a winning strategy – research, data, creativity, skill and foresight are needed.

Therefore, in order to create a winning strategy, we recommend having a buyer persona to help connect with your audience. The more questions, feedback and deeper you go into creating a buyer persona, the more information you will have about a potential client to build credibility with them.

Improve your technical knowledge

Technical knowledge is a quality that is essential in today’s marketing. As more and more digital tools are created, there are many different solutions for the customer. Therefore, it is important to show the customer how, for example, marketing automation can facilitate their work tasks. Choosing a content marketing agency that is digitally skilled can help the customer’s work and also be a competitive advantage as they set up their business for the future.

Have a vision and be detailed in what you create

How you choose to showcase your brand is up to you, but do your customers have the same opinions of your business as you? The best marketing strategies stand out from the crowd because all details, both small and large, fit into the company’s strategy. This gives your brand a unique personality that meets the customers’ unique needs.

Show that you are a pro

In order for you to convert your potential clients into customers, you must show them that you are worth investing in. Most reputable content marketing agencies are skilled at showing how they help their customers and how satisfied their customers are. To show that your company is a professional in content marketing, certain requirements need to be met, some of those are:

  • Have a wide range of industry-related content that has a unique perspective and voice.
  • Make various types of content available, such as e-books, webinars, whitepapers and other educational content.
  • Be active on your social media pages and groups.
  • Participate actively at various marketing events.

Obviously, you do not have to meet all of these requirements to succeed, but it provides insight into how much experience your agency has. Nevertheless, experience doesn’t matter if the customer doesn’t get the help they need. Therefore, it’s important to show how you help businesses reach their business goals by creating a clear strategy and goals that will generate more leads, increase brand awareness, more conversions and, in time, increase sales.


Creating a content marketing agency that delivers results takes time. But with the right content strategy and wise investments you will achieve your goals. It can be easy to think that just by creating content you will get customers. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. A clear strategy, goal setting and a common vision within the company are needed to succeed.

Always keep in mind who you are creating your content for, content marketing campaigns that don’t focus on a buyer persona are destined to fail because they can not customize their content to a specific audience. Therefore, keep in mind to always create content that is helpful and useful to your client’s audience.

What additional advice would you give when helping a content marketing agency to grow and deliver positive results? Share in the comments field below.

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