Digital Loving Experts Open Forum: Digital Sales Techniques
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Location: Bravo Entrepreneurial Hub, Framtidsvägen 12A, 352 57 Växjö

Old sales techniques have become obsolete, because the internet has given customers an access to a pool of information to guide their decision-making process. If customers have changed their behavior on where and how they buy, then it’s time salespeople change the way they sell.

Participate in our Open Forum event as we explore a variety of sales challenges and opportunities. Our panel will provide you with insights into the strategies and best practices to help your business advance your team and sales.

Registration through Biljettkiosken

For this event, presented in English and Swedish, our panel includes:

  • Derrick English Jr., CEO, DLE Solutions (@dlenglishjr)
  • Aleksandar Debeljak, Digital Strategist, DLE Solutions (@aleksdebeljak)
  • Stefan Johansson, Sales Strategy Executive, Sales Scenario (@salesscenario)

Registration: through Biljettkiosken
Price: Free
Date: 11 Apr. 2019, 07:30 – 09:00 CET
Location: Bravo Entrepreneurial Hub, Framtidsvägen 12A, 352 57 Växjö

This Open Forum is for people who want to grow their business, deliver a better customer experience and build a strong network of business friends.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 11 Apr. 19 to #NetworkLearnGrow.

This Open Forum is arranged by DLE Solutions & Digital Loving Experts in collaboration with Bravo Entrepreneurial Hub.

*Note: Registration is free but participants must sign up in advance to reserve a space for this event.

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