[Webinar] Content Marketing: Adapting to the new way of selling
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If you work in sales or marketing, by now you should have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU law.

Although the new regulation may scare you and other businesses, it can be seen as an opportunity for your business to gain competitive advantage.

DLE Solutions will host two interactive webinars, on June 13th and June 26th, about “Content Marketing: Adapting to the new way of selling”. The webinar will provide you direction on how to create compelling marketing campaigns, build sustainable sales growth and long-term customer relationships.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

The webinar will consist of 45 minutes discussing the topics below and 15 minutes for Questions & Answers from our participants:

  • Using GDPR to your business advantage
  • What is inbound & content marketing
  • The differences between inbound vs. outbound marketing
  • Understanding your targeted audience by using a buyer persona
  • The importance of sales & marketing teams being aligned
  • How to get qualified leads into your sales funnel through content
  • The positive impact from building relationships through content marketing

To find out how your business can use GDPR as a competitive advantage to create effective marketing campaigns and deliver more sales qualified leads – register now for this free webinar!

For the webinar on June 13th, 2018 at 3:00pm CET (9:00am EST), presented in Swedish, our speakers include:

For the webinar on June 26th, 2018 at 3:00pm CET (9:00am EST), presented in English, our speakers include:

If you are unable to attend the webinar, register anyway and after the webinar you’ll receive an email about how to access the recording when you have some free time on your hands.

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