Workshop: How A Buyer Persona Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns 9-maj
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Can you really create content and promote your business without knowing exactly who your customers are? Being able to know and understand who buys or will buy your products or services is necessary to help you to be more effective and maximize the return on investments (ROI) from your marketing campaigns.

In this free practical workshop you will learn how to gain a deep understanding of your customers through a buyer persona. Once you have the information on how your customers think and behave – this will allow you to be able to communicate with them effectively.

Registration to the workshop through Eventbrite

Course instructor: Derrick English Jr.

The workshop’s content (presented in English):

  • What is a buyer persona
  • How to create a buyer persona
  • How to use a buyer persona

Requirements: Your own laptop, or paper and pen.
Registration: through Eventbrite
Price: Free
Date: 09-maj-2017 from 10:00-12:00
Location: Step Two, Arabygatan 78, 352 46 Växjö

The workshop is arranged by DLE Solutions in collaboration with our partner Step Two.

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