Does Google Adwords improve your Google SEO ranking?

written by Aleksandar Debeljak
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Many companies that use search engine marketing (SEM), such as Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), claim that their Google SEO rankings have become higher due to the fact that they invested in the right keywords. But is it really true that if you pay for the right keywords it will get you ranked higher? This is a question that has both a yes and a no answer when it comes to search engine optimization.

However, paying to get your content seen can be costly in the long term, so it may be good to know if SEM affects your website’s SEO ranking.

How SEM affects your Google SEO ranking

When you enter what you’re looking for on a search engine, you probably have noticed that the links at the top of the search results are ads. This means that these companies pay to have their ads appear at the top of the search results for a particular keyword. Each time a user clicks on an ad link, the website that posted the ad will pay a certain amount depending on how much the keyword costs to be used.

By using SEM, you can get more traffic to your website and expose your content to a larger audience. If they then like your content there is a chance that they will enjoy your website and choose to share your content with others. It is through these shared and backlinks that your Google SEO ranking is affected. Just paying for Google Ads will not help your SEO ranking, but since SEM helps your website to get more traffic it’s more likely that people will share your content and hence affect your SEO ranking.

Search Engine Journal reported that Google uses different crawlers to evaluate pages for PPC versus SEO. Therefore, the answer is both yes and no because SEM has an indirect effect on your ranking.

Keep in mind that your content needs to be helpful and solve your potential customers’ problems. Before you choose to pay for a keyword, it may be helpful to know what your buyer personas’ issues and challenges are. Doing research is important if you want to get the most leads and conversions out of your Google Ads campaigns.

SEM may also help you to get more organic traffic. This could happen because a user has previously clicked on your ad and then recognized your brand in the organic results, which may make them more likely to become a customer. A greater click through rate and increased user engagement are factors that can increase your ranking. Brand awareness can help you get more customers because you are more likely to sell a product if the potential customer knows your company before buying something.

How brand awareness affects your Google SEO ranking

Speaking of brand awareness, it is an important factor when people decide to buy something. Even if a visitor to your website doesn’t choose to shop from you, chances are that they will return to you on a later date. This means that SEM can have an impact on direct traffic to your website because they already know your brand.

If you notice that the direct traffic statistics have increased after a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, the likelihood is that they have chosen to return to your website. Depending on what your landing page looks like, it may also affect how your potential customers choose to act. What kind of content, call-to-action and navigation can have a big impact on how effective your ad is. Therefore, think about what you want to accomplish with your marketing campaigns before you start paying for Google Ads, always keep the customer’s needs in mind when creating content that targets a particular audience.

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We can therefore see that SEM has an indirect impact on your Google SEO ranking. However, it shouldn’t be mixed up with “if you pay, you get a higher SEO ranking”, that’s not true because it is ultimately affected by what kind of content you have on the landing page and other on-page and off-page SEO factors that determines your ranking.


By investing in search engine marketing, you increase your chances of being seen and getting more customers. It can also have an indirect impact on your Google SEO ranking. Creating landing pages relevant to the visitor is important for your marketing campaigns to succeed. Keep in mind that there are many different factors to consider in order to succeed with SEM, from your customers’ needs to what you want to convey to your customers when they click on your ad.

In addition, a visitor may not buy something the first time they visit your website, but the chances are that they will return to you when they feel ready to buy. This allows SEM to pay off in the long run.

Give your ads time to get measurable results and make changes whenever needed. If you truly want to maximize your traffic and ROI, invest your time in using SEO and SEM together.

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