Receive a free SEO audit and workshop

If you are like us, you must be tired of visiting SEO audit sites that say “Enter in your URL and get a free SEO analysis in 2 minutes!”. Firstly, an SEO audit is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and secondly what do these websites expect you to do with the report if you don’t understand it. They aren’t asking you about your target audience, goals, competitors, and other factors that go into a good SEO audit. Trying to implement the changes they provide may be actually harming your website and making things worse.

Our agency wants to do things differently by having one of our SEO specialists guide you through a basic SEO audit. We want to include the factors that matter to your business as well as SEO best practices to provide you with the insights and understanding to optimize your website for the best SEO results.

The free SEO audit session we offer includes:

  • An on-page SEO review for up to 5 pages
  • A keyword research for up to 10 terms
  • A 30-minute practical SEO workshop (with Google Analytics & Search Console)

We are digital specialists focused on helping small & midsize businesses grow and this free SEO audit is a way of showing you that. By guiding you on the basics of analyzing your website ranking and ways to improve it, we hope that you would consider working with us on the necessary SEO services needed to improve your Google ranking.

Since about 75% of users never venture past the first page of Google’s results, ranking high on the search engine’s result pages will help your business to capture your audience’s attention and increase valuable traffic to your website. Turn your website into an asset and not a liability through our offer.

Simply fill out the form below if you are interested in receiving a free SEO audit and workshop – which comes with no obligation – so that we can get started.