Use a link building strategy to reach out to a larger audience

written by Aleksandar Debeljak

Do you want to be seen and reach out to a larger audience? If yes, then it may be wise to make use of link building. If you have high quality content on your site and want to make more people aware of the material, it may be good to appear on other sites. Building relationships between different websites through link building is and will continue to be an effective way to reach out to a wider audience.

Link building makes it easy to access different websites through a simple click. It may sound straightforward to do but there are things you have to consider. When you choose to link to another website, it is important that you check whether the content is relevant to your own website. To create a link build to a page that has spam and sub-standard materials may harm your own website’s brand and search ranking. Always examine a website before you start linking to it. If you need help to find out if a website is unreliable, please consult a tool that measures the relevance and reliability of domains, Moz is a good site to verify this.

Creating links to your homepage is important but we must not forget to also link to your webpages and articles to create a topic cluster which will help your SEO ranking. A good way is to make use of social media by distributing your content through Facebook, Twitter, etc. The most obvious way to spread a link to your website is by having quality content that people like to read and then share the link with their contacts. An example of content that people like to read is blogs. By writing blogs you can also create a relationship with your readers and other companies. If a company shows interest in your content, you have the opportunity to help them by being a guest blogger. Before you start blogging it is important that you research your competitors and their content. Studying how others write and then striving to improve is an important key to becoming a better blogger. A smart way to get the attention of social media or the press is, for example by releasing a new product, giving away a product for free, or to write about something that makes people raise their eyebrows.

If you have the finances you can also choose to pay for links, but this is not something we recommend, because it violates the regulations set by search engines such as Google and Bing. It is an easy way to spread links to your website, but you risk being penalized by the search engines if you get caught. Unfortunately, the search engines can not find all the paid links but hopefully they will become more efficient in detecting the problem in the future. Use this method at your own risk. Sometimes an unwanted website could link back to your website, then it is recommended to contact Google Support to remove unwanted backlinks.

Link building is an important part to help your business grow and to be seen on the digital market. Hopefully you will figure out how to reach a wider audience in your industry by creating unique and quality content and link building with others. By making use of link building you create relationships with other companies or individuals that help to create increased web traffic from each other’s network. If you have more questions about link building and how it works, please contact us and we will help you.

About Aleksandar Debeljak

Aleksandar Debeljak is a Digital Marketing Specialist who helps clients align marketing campaigns to their business goals. Follow him on Twitter @aleksdebeljak.